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No Limits, More Life.

Are you ready to find joy and happiness again? Reconnect to your life purpose and step into a life you WANT to live? 

Join me! I'll guide you into authentic living. Your life. Your way. Together we can heal and release all the old patterns and pain that kept you from finding true peace, happiness, and fulfillment

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Are you ready to gain Confidence, Clarity, and Inner Connection so you can begin to Create a life of Fulfillment, Purpose, and Ease?!

My passion and life purpose is to help others find joy again and create a life that they WANT to live. I am a Spiritual Life Coach that specializes in helping clients break karmic cycles and step into Soul Aligned living. 


So many of us go through life constantly facing one struggle after another. It feels almost impossible to escape. Most think that they must have done something bad in a past life to have deserved this. 

Can I let you in on a secret? 

It doesn't have to be that way! Seriously. 

I am an Akashic Records Master Practitioner. Basically, all that means is that I am highly skilled in reading past lives and karmic information and have a strong intuitive connection. I've worked with so many using the Akashic Records and it always comes down to choices. 

Choices that we make each and every day, that keep us stuck and struggling. 

It doesn't help that our unconscious mind, the automatic part of the brain that REALLY runs the show, has learned a lot of bad habits and coping mechanisms through the course of our current lifetime!

 I sought out training to work with the unconscious mind because we all know that just because we want something bad enough doesn't mean we will actually make the changes needed to get it. 

And that is the unconscious mind's doing. 

It's frustrating. We try and try as hard as we can to make changes, break cycles, we know we are doing it (usually) but don't catch ourselves until after the fact. 

When you work with me, you get to the root of the issues quickly. You learn how to be your own guide, how to heal yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. PLUS you learn to build your intuition and start to tune into the little voice that knows better and likes to say "I told you so!" after you ignored it. 

The best part though?! You actually start creating a life that you LOVE. That you enjoy LIVING. Say bye bye to the struggle bus. That will be a thing of the past. 

So if you are serious and ready to do what it takes to cut the old crud (that wasn't doing you ANY favors to begin with) and actually create new, healthy, positive changes in your life, then click the button below to schedule a FREE call with me. Feel free to check out my services and programs and don't forget! Follow me on Social Media for insights, inspiration, and tips!

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Our Mission

Connecting others with their Truth and Power

Welcome! Seeking Divine Serendipity is all about helping connect clients with their inner Truth and Soul design so that they can live authentic and fulfilling lives!

Ashley is an Akashic Records Expert Practitioner, Evolved Neuro-Linguistics Programming (E-NLP) Practitioner, and Life Coach.

Ashley offers several programs and options to help heal and break free of blocks, habits, patterns, and conditioning that keep clients stuck. 

Her intention is to help clients transform their lives so they can create a life that they love, integrating their deep spiritual calling, and their authentic self expression by stepping out of those old habits and into authentic and aligned actions. 

This work is all about embodying your soul, your truth, and becoming free to explore, play, and BE who you were designed to be.

What clients are saying:

Chelsea G. 

My life has been transformed for the better after meeting Ashley. I feel SO grateful to have had her in my path. Our reading together has reaffirmed so many thoughts & feelings I've had in my life & it has allowed me to gain back that confidence that I lost along the way. I've been able to process emotions, go deep, & really shed layers & bad behavioral patterns that don't serve me in life. I've been able to start my spiritual & healing journey thanks to Ashley. The compassion & self love that I've been able to cultivate will serve me in all of my future lifetimes. It literally feels like I've been able to come home to myself. It brings me to happy tears!

Kelly H.

I keep saying to my friends and family, last year was the worst year of my life and the best. I went through a divorce, had to move out of my home, negotiate time with my two year old daughter, and still keep my business running. Yet, with Ashley's weekly help, a spiritual and energetic experience has opened up to me that I was not expecting nor was even initially "buying into." What a shift. Ashley is able to speak in way you can understand, which of course is different for everyone. She learns your style and gives you the confidence to answer your own questions!! She has so many modalities and finds what works best for you.... and to have the added layer of akashic records and past lives, what a gift!

Katie R.

Ummm literally everything has changed since I started working with Ashley- My trauma responses, my familial relationships, my thought patterns, my ability to see how my actions play out and effect life, how I interact with myself most of all. I’m way more confident and realize life isn’t about being a martyr and giving all the time. It’s about fulfillment and love. I can only have that if I give it to myself. I have a strong belief in my spiritual side and feel connected in a way I wasn’t able to access previously. If you are on the fence about working with Ashley, this is your sign to freaking do it!!!

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